Andrew Coulson Protein Bites

NEW Protein Crisps Review

Protein Crisps Review
NEW Protein Bites with 20g protein per pack

In October 2013 we tried the much heralded Protein Bites, the revolutionary protein crisps that were beginning to cause a stir across the UK. Musclefood stocked them, GNC stocked … read more

Tuna Patties recipe

Quick and Easy Tuna Patties Recipe

Tuna Patties recipe (Tuna Burgers)
Quick and easy healthy tuna recipe

In one of the 23 hours we spent browsing Facebook on Monday, we came across a quick and easy tuna recipe by Branch Warren’s wife Trish Warren. Branch Warrenread more

Muscle Meat meat

Muscle Meat Review – Grass Fed Meat

Muscle Meat review
Grass fed meat online with bulk discounts

Alongside Musclefood, Muscle Meat are the other online meat company that we’ve partnered with who target the bodybuilding / gym industry as their core customer base. That’s not to say … read more

Musclefood beef jerky

Musclefood Grass Fed Beef Jerky Review

Musclefood Grass Fed Beef Jerky Review

Musclefood were kind enough to throw in a pack of their new British Grass Fed Beef Jerky into our last order with them. You can already buy high protein beef jerky, grass fed pure … read more

Musclefood 32oz T-Bone Steak

WIN a Musclefood Big Daddy 32oz T Bone Steak!

WIN a Musclefood Big Daddy 32oz T Bone Steak
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Following the successful launch of the Big Daddy 32oz Rump Steak, Musclefood have gone and done it again with a HUUUGGGGE … read more

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Quest Bar

Quest Bars Review – Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough & White Chocolate Raspberry

Quest bars review
Quest protein bars – Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough & White Chocolate Raspberry flavours

If you haven’t heard of Quest bars* before, you’ve clearly been living under a rock or down a cave for the last 4 years. … read more


Musclefood Meat Review – Low Fat Meats

Musclefood meat review
Musclefood lean low fat meat review

Musclefood sent us lots of meats to review so over the last two weeks we’ve been munching our way furiously through them all. Rather than do a review for each one, … read more

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