Primal Snack Box

Primal Snack Box – Paleo Snacks!

Primal Snack Box for the Paleo Diet The UK’s first Paleo snack subscription snack box

You’ve probably already heard of Graze. Walk into any office across the UK and you’re guaranteed to see at least one Graze box on someone’s … read more

Pork Sausages

Great British Meat Company Special Offers

Great British Meat Company Specials Special offers from one of the best online butchers

Great British Meat Company are in our top 3 online butchers in the UK. We’ve tried all sorts of meat from them and it all tastes … read more

Dr Zak's Protein Baps

Dr Zak’s Protein Baps Review

Dr Zak’s Protein Baps Review Healthy protein bread as a bun for sandwiches and burgers

Bun, bap, roll, whatever you want to call it, Dr Zak has got back to the bakery and conjured up some high protein baps (that’s … read more

beANIMAL™ Tex Mex Soup packaging

beANIMAL™ Tex Mex Soup Review

beANIMAL™ Tex Mex Soup Review High protein soup that delivers on taste

Musclefood were kind enough to send us two pouches of beANIMAL™ Tex Mex Soup to review. When they arrived I had no idea what they were because beANIMAL™ … read more

Musclefood Ready Peeled Boiled Eggs

Buy Ready Peeled Boiled Eggs in Bulk Online

Ready peeled boiled eggs are back at Musclefood Buy boiled eggs online at the cheapest price in the UK

Take the mess and hassle out of peeling your own eggs. Musclefood have come back from an egg hiatus with new … read more

Homemade Cookies and Cream Quest Bars

VitaFiber Syrup in the UK – Make Your Own Quest Bars!

Where to buy VitaFiber Syrup in the UK /* Unit: VitaFiber */ VitaFiber Syrup now at Musclefood – make your own Quest Bars!

If you’ve ever tried a Quest Bar (Quest Protein Bar), you’ll know that the hype surrounding these … read more

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