Chicken Fajita Breasts

Where To Buy Marinaded Chicken, Steak and Pork Online

Marinaded Chicken Breasts and Steaks Online Marinaded meat delivered to your door

Marinading meat can be a bit of a pain sometimes. You’re told to marinade in advance which means having to remember to get your chicken and steak out … read more

Fried Style Breaded Chicken

Healthy ‘Fried Style’ Breaded Chicken

Breaded Chicken Recipe A clean and healthy chicken breast recipe

When you order from Musclefood, they stick an A4 recipe card in your order. Here is the recipe from our most recent order for Healthy ‘Fired Style’ Breaded Chicken. With … read more

Smoked Back Bacon

Healthy Cheat Meal Ideas – Cheat With Meat!

Cheat Meal Ideas with Meat Some healthy (or healthier!) cheat meal ideas you might not have considered

When you think of cheat meals, what comes to mind? A large greasy Dominos pizza with doughballs and cookies? An extra large McDonalds … read more

Ribeye Steak from Great British Meat Company

EXCLUSIVE 10% OFF Great British Meat Company Discount Code

10% OFF when you buy meat online at Great British Meat Company Exclusive discount code on Meat Discounts

Ribeye Steak from Great British Meat Company

We love an exclusive deal here at Meat Discounts. Although we publish offers and discount … read more

T-Bone Steak

A guide to steak cuts and how to cook fillet steak to perfection

How well do you know your cuts of meat? Cuts of beef – a guide to steak cuts

Westin Gourmet have a fantastic ‘zone’ on their website called The Gourmet Club. Here you can find loads of information about meat … read more

Student Life

Cheap meat online for students on a budget

Cheap meat online – student discounts Three cheap meat box options online for students on a budget

When you’re a student, eating on a budget is essential. Or at least getting good value for money with the food you buy. … read more